Why Are Electric Scooters Sausing A Boom?

Why Are Electric Scooters Sausing A Boom?

Why Are Electric Scooters Sausing A Boom?


  1. What Is An Electric Scooter?


Conventional electric scooters generally refer to lithium batteries as power, driven by a DC motor with two wheels arranged in a front and back line, with small wheel diameters, no pedals and saddles, and driving in a standing form instead of manpower Skateboard products for riding. The entire scooter is composed of a frame, a motor-hub integrated wheel, a controller, a brake, a lighting system, a pedal, and an external charger.


  1. The Past Life Of Electric Scooters


The concept of a scooter dates back at least a century to 1817 when Baron Karl Von Drais De Sauerbrun of Germany after he debuted his early two-wheeled human-powered ride, The speed scooter concept was quickly spun off into bicycles, trikes, and kick scooters. Between 1919 and 1922, the German Krupp company produced a gasoline-powered mobility tool, the earliest prototype of the modern "electric scooter".

Scooters became popular during World War I, in part because they were so fuel-efficient that they provided transportation for many who couldn't afford a car or motorcycle. The photos also show a range of well-known figures, such as the British activist Dame Florence Norman and the Suffragette, who used to travel on a scooter around London in 1916.

Some businesses have also experimented with the novelty device, such as the New York Postal Service using it to deliver mail. In 1916, four Special Delivery carriers for the U.S. Postal Service are trying out their new tool, a scooter, called the Autoped. The image is part of a set of scenes showing the first mobility scooter boom more than a hundred years ago.

In 1993, Germany produced a real electric scooter, which is a product that relies on the combination of transmission scooters and modern electric drive control technology. Since then, this scooter has become popular in some Western European countries. It became popular in the United States in 2000 and then became a popular means of transportation in Europe and the United States. It is also known as a means of transportation that can replace cars in the 21st century.


  1. The Present Life Of Electric Scooters


      a."Micro-mobility" and "Short-traffic" are quietly popular

Micro-mobility refers to the way users drive vehicles without an internal combustion engine at a speed below 28mph (45km/h), including bicycles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, shared bicycles, etc. It is often aimed at short-distance travel within five kilometers, or it is used to solve the problem of the last-mile travel. Compared with more traditional bicycles and other products, electric scooters with many characteristics such as travel, entertainment, environmental protection, convenience, and technology are more advantageous.

      b.Unique advantages of electric scooters
  • more effortless: Compared with a bicycle that has to be pedaled hard when driving, especially when climbing a hill, it will make you sweat when you catch up with the uphill, while the electric scooter is very easy to use, and you can easily start it when you stand on it.
  • Smaller and more exquisite:It can be easily folded and brought indoors for reuse when going out, which also reduces the risk of the scooter being stolen, and can take up less space, allowing more scooters to be placed in the same space.
  • more fashionable: First of all, its unique shape changes from simple to complex, and people gradually accept and pursue simple design styles, from "less is more" to minimalism, which has gradually become a trend; secondly, its stable performance, including complete shock absorption system, strong battery life, convenient portability, perfect braking system, environmentally friendly and lightweight materials, waterproof and anti-corrosion functions, etc.; finally, the selection of its materials is to optimize the structure of the product and save public resources. Use environmentally friendly energy as power, and the color, texture, and luster of the material must be coordinated, orderly, and have a contrasting effect.


  1. Conclusion


The market potential of electric scooters still seems to be huge now. If an electric scooter with longer mileage and comfort appears in the market, perhaps many citizens who drive and commute will also switch to electric scooters. Electric scooters are like Autoped at the beginning of the 20th century. Who would have known that the design a hundred years ago would be revived now? Maybe the design that can be called outrageous now will become a necessity of people's life after the technology matures in the future.

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