Join the E-scooter Movement: Seeking MUKUTA Cooperation Agents

Join the E-scooter Movement: Seeking MUKUTA Cooperation Agents




Ningbo MUKUTA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is extended from Ningbo Legas Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. which was established in January 2016. It is an industrial and trading enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of electric scooters and electric bicycles. The company now has a production and operation site of 30,000 square meters, including 3,000 square meters of office space, and there are more than 200 registered employees.

The development is currently well, we have independent brands "ZERO" and"MUKUTA". Our business is covering Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. Since the establishment of our company, the annual sales volume is about 60 million US dollars, and the sales volume is about 300,000 pieces, about 1,000 TEU.


Since our inception, MUKUTA has been committed to bringing you the best scooters, focusing on exclusivity, reliability, and high performance. We intend to create a platform that improves life for everyone in our store. Years of experience and high-quality service have made us a trusted and well-known force in the industry. 

Becoming a MUKUTA electric scooter agent, you will get all-around support such as exclusive operation rights, strong brand support, and diversified product lines, and have the opportunity to obtain considerable profit returns. This will help you establish a competitive edge in the electric scooter market and achieve long-term business success.



1. Business Registration: It is essential to possess valid and lawful business registration to operate as an authorized reseller or agent.

2. Market Awareness and Experience: Acquiring a certain level of awareness and expertise regarding the electric scooter market is crucial.

3. Financial  Stability: As an agent, it is necessary to demonstrate financial stability, enabling you to procure and stock electric scooter products, as well as conduct marketing and sales activities.

4. Willingness and Commitment to Cooperation:  Expressing a genuine willingness to collaborate with us and committing to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of an agent are imperative. This includes actively promoting products, accomplishing sales objectives, and upholding the brand's image.


Exclusive Rights:

As an agent of MUKUTA electric scooters, you will get exclusive sales rights in specific regions or markets. This means you will be the only source of MUKUTA products in the region, stand out from the competition and gain a larger market share.

Strong Brand Support:

MUKUTA is a high-tech electric scooter brand with a wide user base and a good brand reputation. As an agent, you will benefit from MUKUTA's marketing and brand support, including advertising, promotional activities, and marketing materials. This will help increase your brand awareness and sales.

Diversified Product Lines:

MUKUTA provides electric scooters of various models and specifications to meet the needs and preferences of different users. As an agent, you will be able to expand your market coverage by offering a diverse product selection that caters to the needs of different consumer groups.

Product After-sales Service:

MUKUTA's after-sales team and engineers are always available to assist dealers in repair and after-sales service. Once MUKUTA signs an agency agreement with an agent, we will treat you as a member of our team, and we will do our best to provide professional product after-sales service.

Profit Return:

As an agent, you will enjoy the profit return brought by selling MUKUTA electric scooters. As market demand grows and sales improve, so does your profit potential. MUKUTA's popularity and product quality will bring you more sales opportunities and profit growth.


Becoming an authorized agent of MUKUTA products is easy.

# Fill out the agent application form

Please click this link to fill out the form: Mukuta Agent Application

# Contact MUKUTA

You can also communicate with us immediately by email, telephone, or the contact information provided on the official website. Here are our contact details:

Whatsapp:+1 (636) 219-5074

# Provide Relevant Information

According to the requirements of MUKUTA, provide your business information and relevant information, such as company registration certificate, business license, business scope, etc. This will help MUKUTA understand your business background and qualifications.

# Business Negotiation and Agreement Signing

If MUKUTA shows interest in your application, business negotiation, and negotiation will be carried out. You need to discuss with MUKUTA terms of cooperation, sales policy, price structure, regional rights, etc., and finally reach a consensus.

# Sign the Agency Contract

Once the business negotiations reach an agreement, you will sign a formal agency contract with MUKUTA. Before signing the contract, please ensure that you have read and understood the terms of the contract in detail, and ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are fully protected.

* Please Note: The steps above may vary depending on MUKUTA's specific requirements. It is best to contact MUKUTA's official channel directly to consult the detailed steps and requirements for becoming an agent.


We are looking for agents who share our passion for electric scooters. Our favorite partners are those who are committed to providing the best products and services to their customers. To become an authorized agent of MUKUTA products, we encourage you to apply now.

We are a passionate company looking for like-minded agents to join our team. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to the MUKUTA family!

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