Check the Battery Tips

Check the Battery Tips

Anytime you want to take your E scooter out for a ride, you should always ensure that your battery has an adequate charge.

The last thing you want is to end up stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery.

And how to Check Battery Remaining Range?

Many customers will judge the mileage of the scooter based on the power display on the meter, but this is not very accurate. The most accurate is to look at the voltage data.

Mukuta10 Plus battery is 60V,make sure P3 is set to 60.If not It will cause the lcd to display the battery power of the dashboard is not accurate.

When MUKUTA 10 Plus fully charging, the voltage value of the battery is 67.2V.

There will be some small errors in the voltage value.between 66.4-67.5 is normal.

MUKUTA 10 Plus Chart for battery voltage and charge level:

When you want to see your actual voltage, you only need to press the power button twice while keeping the power on. The actual voltage will be displayed above the meter.

When accelerating, the power of the meter will decrease by one bar, but the subsequent display will be recover.It is normal.It is called voltage sag.

But when the scooter start status is not riding is lower than 55-56V, please not use the two -motor mode (Please pay attention to the voltage value).

The powerful current in the dual-motor mode will cause the battery to protect the state, prevent the battery from over-discharge and damage. Connect the charger, it can unlock.

If you encounter any problems, please consult us:


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