Buying Guide: Take a look! MUKUTA9 PLUS IS COMING

Buying Guide: Take a look! MUKUTA9 PLUS IS COMING


After the resounding success of the MUKUTA 10PLUS electric scooter, MUKUTA is back with another groundbreaking innovation that promises to revolutionize urban commuting once again. Meet the MUKUTA 9PLUS - a cutting-edge electric scooter designed to take your ride to the next level. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting features and improvements that make the MUKUTA 9PLUS a must-have for all urban adventurers.


Sleek and Modern Design

The MUKUTA 9PLUS boasts a sleek and modern design that captures the essence of urban mobility. With its clean lines, compact frame, and premium finish, this electric scooter is not just a mode of transportation, it's a fashion statement.

# Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Frame

The versatility of the Mukuta 9 Plus is mostly thanks to its frame made of aviation-grade aluminum that improves the scooter’s stiffness and durability. The use of aluminum makes the scooter agile and easy to handle while guaranteeing the strength required to withstand the demands of daily urban use.

# Ergonomically Integrated Buttons

MUKUTA takes user experience to the next level with its ergonomically integrated buttons. Designed with human ergonomics in mind, these buttons are strategically placed on the handlebars, allowing you to effortlessly control your speed, activate lighting, switch between single and dual drive, turn signals, and more, without ever taking your hands off the grips. It's a seamless, intuitive experience that enhances both safety and convenience.

Powerful Performance

the MUKUTA 9PLUS is a dynamic solution for modern urban commuters. With its robust battery capacity, double motors, climbing prowess, impressive weight capacity, and speed capabilities, it has everything you need to make your daily ride an adventure. Elevate your urban commuting experience with the MUKUTA 9PLUS and enjoy the freedom to explore your city like never before.

# Power and Range

The 48V 15.6AH battery capacity of MUKUTA 9PLUS ensures that you can cover long distances without worrying about constant charging. With a maximum range of up to 70 kilometers on a single charge, it’s ideal for those who want to explore the city without restrictions.
It features dual 800W motors, both capable of reaching a top speed of 48 km/h, ensuring you keep up with the fast pace of city life. It provides excellent acceleration and power to easily conquer 25° incline climbs. In addition, it has a strong maximum load-bearing capacity of 120kg, ensuring that riders of all sizes can enjoy a comfortable and safe journey.

# Use and Practicality

9-inch puncture-proof tubeless tires come with the effect of shock absorption, extremely smooth in acceleration and cornering. To add a touch of style to the body and improve visibility, MUKUTA 9PLUS has been upgraded with a dynamic streamer LED lighting system. Riders can now choose from five different vibrant colors that cascade along the frame to make a bold statement as you glide through the cityscape. Additionally, MUKUTA 9PLUS has 6-speed modes: single/dual motor selection × 3 gear modes on the display = 6 different speed modes. Easily swap different settings with one touch of the mode button. If no operation is performed within 30 seconds, it will automatically switch to Park-code and activate throttle misapplication mode. Pull the right lever down to start the walking assistance mode. The addition of humanized functions saves effort in the process of pushing the electric scooter.


Product Highlights

In the ever-growing field of electric scooters, MUKUTA 9PLUS features a series of groundbreaking highlights that promise to redefine your riding experience.

# Removable Battery

Gone are the days of tethering yourself to a charging station. MUKUTA 9PLUS introduces a game-changing feature – an easily removable battery. Use it with an M172 power adapter to turn it into an outdoor power supply and easily charge DC devices. This dynamic duo ensures your scooter is always ready for action. No more restrictions, just unlimited riding freedom.

# Airtag Tracking Function

MUKUTA 9PLUS now supports cutting-edge Apple AirTag integration, adding a valuable layer of security and anti-theft. With this innovative feature, you can easily track and locate your scooter, giving you peace of mind like never before.

# Twist Suspension System

The core of this upgrade lies in MUKUTA’s exclusive patented adjustable twist suspension system. This innovative feature offers an expanded range of adjustability, effortlessly adapting to any weight and terrain, ensuring a smooth and tailored ride in any environment. 


Buying Tips

# Review the Specifications

Before making your purchase, take a moment to review the specifications and features of the MUKUTA 9PLUS. Ensure that it aligns with your specific riding needs and preferences. 

# Click the Link

Click this link to purchase: Mukuta 9 Plus

# Customer Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact MUKUTA’s customer support team. We can help guide you through the purchasing process and provide any additional information you may need to make an informed decision.



Don't let this tempting offer slip through your fingers. The road is calling and your next exciting adventure is waiting for you. Happy riding!

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Are there any plans to offer a seat option for this model?

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